Addicks Substation Telecommunications Site Elevated Platform

Houston, Texas

Binkley & Barfield | DCCM performed civil/structural and telecommunications engineering and designed a telecommunications site with an elevated platform for a 10-foot by 12-foot telecommunications shelter on an elevated 22-foot by 36-foot by 12-foot-high structural steel platform. The scope of work included the engineering and design of the telecommunications site and the creation of site plans, fiber route plan and profiles, plans of the telecommunications shelter, generator, propane tank, ice bridge connection to the tower, fiber route, and electrical power conduit connections. 

We provided design from the telecommunications shelter to the substation control rooms, existing backbone fiber ring connections passing through the substation to insert the telecommunications site onto the network, completing telecommunications-specific power designs for generators, UPS, battery, charger, loading, grounding, breaker panel, wire and fuse sizing, all applicable calculations, etc. Our team provided the appropriate hardware to the client’s design standards. 

The project included complete grounding and bonding design for the ground ring, creating site plans, grounding system plans and details for the elevated platform, telecommunications shelter, equipment, and tower in compliance with CenterPoint Energy, manufacturer, and industry standards. The design of the structural steel and concrete engineering and foundation included structural engineering, design, and calculations for concrete pier foundation supports and reinforcement, structural steel fabrication drawings, isometric platform drawings, stairs, and handrails.

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