BBI Shares Knowledge of Dual Spar Technology at the 1st Annual Utility Engineering and Surveying Conference

BBI’s own John Jaeger of the SUE department was a featured speaker at this year’s 1st Annual Utility Engineering and Surveying Conference, sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Utility Engineering & Survey Institute (UESI) held March 11-13 at the University of Texas at Arlington.

UESI asked John to teach a class at the conference on the Dual Spar. This is a remote sensing instrument that can give the X,Y,Z position of a utility that is 50 feet deep and with 4-inch accuracy. John has had great success performing work for BBI with this equipment and three articles have already been written about it. The Dual Spar class lasted for one hour and had a good attendance of 35 participants. Most class attendees had previously tried to use the equipment with no success and were able to take a lot of notes as information was given. As more companies learn to use Dual Spar technology, there will be greater demand for its use in the future.

Pictured is John Jaeger (right) with Gary Rey from HW Lochner (left).

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