Binkley & Barfield Joins 8th Annual United for Infrastructure 2020

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Now in its eighth year, led by a coalition of labor, business, and policy organizations, and joined by hundreds of affiliates nationwide, United for Infrastructure brings many voices together to speak to the importance of our nation’s critical infrastructure assets during #InfrastructureWeek and calls for people to #RebuildBetter.

This year the COVID pandemic and its economic repercussions have rocked every corner of our society. This compounding crisis has created unprecedented new challenges and exacerbated older weaknesses and inequities in our infrastructure, but this moment of reckoning also presents an opportunity to take stock and fight for the transportation, water, communications, and energy tools that every American deserves.

It is becoming more aware that the need for roads, pipes, water systems, and more is increasing, and Binkley & Barfield’s team of engineers are working together with our clients to create solutions to serve these growing necessities.

We provide a complete range of engineering services including planning, utilities, stormwater, streetscape, parks and trails, roadway, water/wastewater, and drainage and work with key stakeholders to plan, design, and construct infrastructure projects that will meet the current and future needs of the communities.

Visit our website to learn more about Binkley & Barfield’s infrastructure services and what we can do for you:

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