42-inch Water Line Design, Segment 3 A1

West Harris County Regional Water Authority | Harris County, Texas

Binkley & Barfield | DCCM provided final design and construction phase services for 14,000 linear feet of 42-inch water transmission line in a CenterPoint Energy electric transmission line corridor and easement. This water line is part of the West Harris County Regional Water Authority’s 2025 system, which will provide at least 60% of the water demand using surface water. This is the latest project in a long history of working with the Authority to supply their surface water requirements.


The project involved installing water lines in CenterPoint Energy’s electrical transmission line corridor for miles. Trenchless construction was required near truss towers within 20 feet, as well as for crossing busy roadways. Close coordination was maintained with the City of Houston and Harris County for permitting and record drawing acquisition. Collaboration with the design engineer ensured a proper connection to an 84-inch water line. Additionally, coordination with multiple petroleum pipelines and dry utilities in CenterPoint Energy’s corridor was necessary.

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