Countryside Wastewater Treatment Plant Decommission, Lift Station and Force Main Upgrade

City of League City | League City, Texas

The City of League City selected Binkley & Barfield | DCCM to provide preliminary engineering, final design, and construction services to decommission the existing Countryside Wastewater Treatment Plant and install a new lift station and new force main to divert wastewater to the existing Southwest Water Reclamation Facility. The existing lift station was decommissioned and replaced by a new 10-foot lift station with three 20-horsepower submersible pumps to provide 850 gallons per minute firm capacity for diversion service.

The design included modification of the existing sewer collection system to add new manholes and gravity lines to intercept and divert sewer flow to the new lift station. Construction sequencing, bypass pumping, and coordination were carefully planned to allow the construction of the new lift station, sewer diversion, and demolition of the existing lift station and wastewater treatment facilities.

The new lift station had a programmable logic controller-based pump control panel, supervisory control, and data acquisition access via wireless antenna for remote monitoring of the new lift station, and a manual transfer switch to allow emergency generator connection per Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements.

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