FM 1097 Reconstruction, Segments 1, 2, and 3

Montgomery County/ TxDOT | Montgomery County, Texas

This project was a joint effort between Montgomery County and TxDOT and involved widening an existing two-lane with dedicated left-turn lane road into a four-lane with dedicated left turn. Binkley & Barfield | DCCM was responsible for the identification of utilities, design coordination, permit and utility agreement review, and relocation oversight. Utility adjustments were needed for all utilities due to most right-of-way being taken on one side, and Binkley & Barfield | DCCM worked closely with right-of-way to prioritize parcel acquisitions so utilities could complete adjustments without delays. Utilities included Entergy, Kinder Morgan pipeline, CenterPoint Energy, numerous telecommunication lines, and City of Willis water and wastewater.

Binkley & Barfield | DCCM worked with the design team to mitigate any utility conflicts that could be costly or would require a long lead time for adjustments. Binkley & Barfield | DCCM set up several utility workshops between the roadway design team, the utility owner, and the construction area office to work through the details to allow a pipeline to be protected in place and avoid a costly relocation. Other coordination efforts included working with the design team on the traffic control phasing to allow the utilities more time for adjustments while allowing the roadway contractor to continue working without delays.

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