Piper Road Drainage Improvements

City of Pearland | Brazoria County, Texas

Binkley & Barfield | DCCM provided design plans and specifications for a bid-ready submittal package that included comprehensive drainage and minor roadway improvements for Piper Road. The 2,900-foot project extended from FM 518 (Broadway Street) on the north to Fite Road on the south. The project included an asphalt overlay along with subgrade repairs, where necessary, based on visual cracking and pavement failure.

The design reduced the watershed area for the portion of Piper Road draining to the north, which diminished a recurring ponding problem at FM 518. Most of the roadway now drains to Fite Road on the south using storm sewers underneath the former ditches. Driveway culverts were eliminated for the storm sewers draining to the south and were replaced with area drains between the driveways for direct drainage into the new storm sewer system.

Using storm sewers in this manner eliminated the need for costly utility relocations or right-of-way acquisition. For about the same cost of construction compared to acquiring right-of-way and moving utilities, this concept greatly reduced the time required for project completion and the need to disrupt the front yards of homes located along Piper Road. Existing, significant trees also did not need to be removed. Existing water and sanitary sewer main lines and services were either protected or replaced to accommodate the new storm sewers. We could lean on our relationship with CenterPoint Energy to expedite relocations with the proposed storm sewer before construction began, which would allow the project to remain on schedule. The project significantly improved drainage compared to the existing roadway ditches

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