SH 249 (Tomball Tollway), Phase II and four Direct Connectors

Harris County Toll Road Authority | Tomball, Texas

Binkley & Barfield | DCCM performed construction engineering inspection services for the SH 249 (Tomball Tollway), Phase II and SH 249 (Tomball Tollway), and SH 99 (Grand Parkway) direct connectors projects. Binkley & Barfield | DCCM provided Field Engineers, Office Engineers, Critical Path Method, Sr. Scheduler, Construction Inspectors, and Utility Inspectors as personnel on both projects. Binkley & Barfield | DCCM also performed SUE as needed for fiber-optic cables (AT&T, Verizon), pipelines, and City of Tomball water lines. In addition, Binkley & Barfield | DCCM reviewed the detection of defects or deficiencies in project contractor(s) work. To support timely project completion, Binkley & Barfield | DCCM responded to project RFIs, coordinated and tracked submittals, reviewed and approved required project shop drawings, and other services requested by the client.

SH 249 (Tomball Tollway), Phase II Construction: The project included the construction of 3 miles of six toll lanes and two three-lane frontage roads consisting of a grading embankment, drainage, structures, stormwater detention, signings, a cement-treated base, SWPPP, tolling infrastructure, a computerized transportation management system, and continuously reinforced concrete pavement. Construction completion: 2021. 

SH 249 (Tomball Tollway) and SH 99 (Grand Parkway) Direct Connectors: The project included the construction of the SH 249 (Tomball Tollway) and SH 99 (Grand Parkway) four direct connectors and approaches, consisting of traffic control, earthwork, grading, paving, structures, retaining walls, drainage, illumination, signing, pavement markings, ITS, and cross-sections. Our team inspected the curved concrete beams (U-96s) that were spliced mid-air. This innovative project marked the first of its kind in Texas and only the fourth of such undertakings in the entire United States. Construction completion: 2023. 

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