Division Services

Discover excellence with our division services. From comprehensive project oversight to conflict resolution, we ensure compliance, safety, and efficiency. Trust us for reliable, top-notch solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Our Transportation group, TxDOT precertified in 40+ categories, excels in major projects for Texas communities, including highways and metropolitan roads.


Our Utility Coordination team offers swift conflict resolution, providing alternatives and preparing utility agreements. We ensure accurate utility relocation through inspections and in-house SUE resources.

Water & Wastewater

Our expertise in water and wastewater management ensures access to clean water and sustainable treatment solutions, safeguarding public health and the environment.


125+ years’ experience in underground utilities, from installation to energization. Expert designers & engineers, with broad utility design experience, up to 500 kV.

Program & Construction Management

Our CM & Inspection team ensures project compliance, conducts inspections, resolves conflicts, and detects issues early for reliable functionality.


Our Telecom team offers superior consulting services for seamless project completion. Trusted by clients like CenterPoint Energy and AT&T.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Our SUE team maps utilities accurately, using advanced tech to prevent conflicts & delays. Collaborating with our Utility & Engineering team, we ensure efficient project completion.

Structural Engineering

Structural expertise in concrete, steel bridges, municipal structures, and marine facilities. Specializing in major bridge design and management, offering unique solutions that prioritize cost-effectiveness.


Pipeline experts at Binkley & Barfield | DCCM provide turnkey services, using advanced tech for efficient design and comprehensive network analysis.


GIS services offer vital spatial data analysis tools, aiding tasks like mapping and urban planning. From tracking disease outbreaks to optimizing transportation networks, GIS plays a crucial role in decision-making, harnessing location intelligence.

All Services

With a strategic nationwide presence, our commitment is to seamlessly extend our services across the United States, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of professional excellence, regardless of location.


DCCM elevates transportation planning and engineering to enhance daily mobility. Our expert team ensures safety and efficiency, delivering successful projects of any size or transportation mode.


DCCM excels in utility coordination, offering innovative design solutions and efficient relocations. With expertise in subsurface utility engineering, telecommunications, and emerging technology, we provide creative engineering solutions aligned with clients’ community goals.

Water & Wastewater

With vast experience, our professionals deliver projects encompassing treatment processes, pipeline networks, pump stations, and advanced technologies.

Hydrology & Hydraulics

As leaders in hydrology, hydraulics, and stormwater management, DCCM excels in water resource services. From water supply to flood systems, our professionals handle projects of any scale with expertise in studies, drainage plans, and mitigation strategies.


DCCM’s power engineers and consultants seamlessly manage electrical systems from planning to execution. With a multi-disciplined team, we provide high-quality services for transmission, distribution networks, substations, and related equipment systems.

Program & Construction Management

DCCM, with extensive experience and management systems, offers unmatched construction and program management services. Our expertise covers quality management, scheduling, procurement, and budget controls for successful infrastructure development programs.


DCCM’s surveyors use cutting-edge technology for precise surveying, delivering accurate results promptly. Our registered land surveyors and crews support architectural and engineering design projects across public and private sectors.

Land & Site Development

DCCM’s experienced engineers efficiently design support systems for diverse developments, ensuring cost-effective solutions. Our expertise spans healthcare, education, commercial, industrial, and residential projects.


DCCM approaches architectural design as an art and science, focusing on form, function, and design excellence. Our crafted buildings and public spaces align with programmatic, financial, and environmental objectives.


DCCM integrates architectural and building system design to optimize performance, occupant comfort, and sustainability. Our flexibility in adhering to client/industry-specific standards ensures efficient and customized solutions.

Nationwide expertise, diverse disciplines—delivering excellence in every project.

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