Emerging Technology/GIS

Technical revolutions that represent progressive innovations within a field for competitive advantage

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) team is using Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcGIS Online web applications, which are industry-leading software that helps identify, track, and manage assets. In one easy-to-use location, our web-based project dashboard saves time and money by providing real-time project information in a single access point. ArcGIS Online allows users to instantly access real-time data, review historical records, and enhance future estimating by leveraging all existing data sources in one place.

Our team has developed applications on the ArcGIS platform, which serves our clients along multiple business lines. Managing project datasets with an emphasis on location simplifies an organization allowing for clarity of purpose while attaining unparalleled reporting, effectiveness, traceability, and efficiency.

  • Development of ArcGIS online applications

  • Development field data collection workflow

  • Integration of GIS legacy business systems

  • Conversion of as-built CAD formats to standardized GIS

  • Drone-based aerial photography and video

  • Drainage analysis for watersheds

  • Asset inventory and management systems

  • Intra-agency coordination for data sharing

  • Visualization of survey data with online GIS applications

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