Delivering comprehensive pipeline solutions safely and efficiently with low environmental impact

Our Pipeline services group specializes in full turnkey engineering, permitting, and construction package services. Our comprehensive approach to each project and client builds a solid foundation of trust and understanding. Whether relocating pipelines due to utility conflicts or roadway improvements, running pipeline through existing or new easements, or obtaining permissions and permitting from impacted organizations, our team can navigate it all to complete each project successfully. We have the experience to successfully relocate pipelines within congested rights-of-way (ROW), corridors, underwater bodies, and across channels and bayous. We use the latest technology, ensuring accurate, reliable, and constructible designs.

We consider the system as a whole, reviewing pressures, future growth, and corrosion to create an efficient design. Our pipeline planning and design engineering provide information and options so you can make the best decisions for your pipeline projects, from feasibility and cost analysis through routing, fabrication, and installation.

As part of the comprehensive pipeline solutions, Binkley & Barfield | DCCM also offers network analysis leading to a clear focused strategy to operate and maintain your system efficiently. This service includes review for low-pressure areas, Integrity Management Program compliance for both distribution and transmission systems, growth planning, and options for alternate supply sources.

  • Transmission and Distribution Pipeline Desig

  • Permitting

  • Utility Agreement and Reimbursement Recovery

  • Bid Documents and Specifications

  • Construction Phase Services

  • Facilities Engineering

  • Gas Network Analysis

  • Integrity Management

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