Binkley & Barfield Attends the 2021 TML Annual Conference and Exhibition

Binkley & Barfield just got back from another successful Texas Municipal League (TML) Annual Conference and Exhibition. The 3-day event had 375 exhibitors and brought more than 2,200 people, including mayors, council members, city secretaries, city managers, city department directors, and municipal professionals.

The Binkley & Barfield booth theme was inspired by the cult classic film The Godfather. It came fully equipped with the Godfather himself (in cardboard form), bubble guns, a horse head, and Italian treats and giveaways, our mobsters (engineers) met with attendees to hear offers they couldn’t refuse.

The 3-day TML conference was kicked off with the presentation of awards featuring John Register, Speaker and Change Management Leader, who spoke about how to face adversity and overcome obstacles by telling his personal story about a devastating accident that led him to compete on the U.S. Paralympic Swim Team. The next day, featured keynote speaker Erica Dhawan, Author and Collaboration Expert, spoke about the power of emotional and connectional intelligence and how to develop healthy relationships in the workplace. The event closed with a brunch led by Matt Lehrman, Co-Founder of Social Prosperity Partners. He discussed complex community issues and explored ways to have important conversations to make people feel heard and respected.

After the second day of the conference, Binkley & Barfield took the Godfather to the Grotto and hosted a client event. The Happy Hour was complete with appetizers, Italian wines, and good company! It was so much fun seeing our clients outside of work and getting to them a bit better.

Thank you to everyone who helped put this successful event together. We had a blast at the conference and enjoyed getting to meet so many people from all over the state. We are looking forward to next year and seeing everyone again!

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